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How to distinguish the grade of kraft paper
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How to distinguish the grade of kraft paper

牛皮纸具有很高的拉力,有单光、双光、条纹、无纹等。主要用于包装纸、信封、纸袋等和印刷机滚筒包衬等。牛皮纸分为高中低档,下面腾达塑料复合编织袋给您详细介绍一下:  高档牛皮纸一般都是全木浆牛皮纸  质地比较紧密,厚薄比较均匀,韧性好,具有很好的耐压、抗张、耐撕裂、耐戳穿,耐折叠和抗水性能,纸张双面平滑,具有较均匀的吸墨性,表面脱粉与掉毛现象较少。以上为各类全木桨牛皮纸的综合特点。  高档牛皮纸广泛应

Kraft paper has high tensile force, such as single light, double light, stripes, and no grain. Mainly used for packaging paper, envelopes, paper bags, etc. Kraft paper is divided into high, medium and low grades. The following Tengda plastic composite woven bags will introduce you in detail:

High-grade kraft paper is generally all wood pulp kraft paper

The texture is relatively tight, the thickness is relatively uniform, the toughness is good, and it has good pressure resistance, tensile resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, folding resistance and water resistance. The paper is smooth on both sides and has a more uniform ink absorption. There is less powder and lint. The above is the comprehensive characteristics of various types of all-wood kraft paper.

High-grade kraft paper is widely used in high-end handbags, hand-rolled bags, food packaging bags, cartons, cardboard, and packaging boxes. In addition to Russian

Sri Lankan kraft paper has its unique high temperature performance, so it is still very good for electronics factory PCB separator paper.

Mid-range kraft paper is usually mixed Kraft paper

In addition to being unsuitable for food packaging, it is a good choice for hardware packaging, electronic products, color boxes, glass packaging, and slitting. Due to the increasing scarcity of raw material and the continuous increase in cost, there are already too many factories that produce kraft pulp, and they have already moved to the market for mixed or recycled paddle paper.

Low-grade kraft paper is generally recycled kraft paper

Recycled kraft paper is a paper that has been smashed and recycled by manufacturers after recycling waste paper materials and processed through a variety of processes. Judging from the appearance, one aspect of recycled kraft paper is relatively rough (smooth side is to meet the printing needs of some customers), combined with its low price advantage, the application of recycled paper is in a good trend. Here, in order to effectively save your procurement costs, Haoba Tenda woven bags recommend that you try to choose the right paper, just buy right, not expensive.